Below is a range of previous jobs that IIM has completed for various clients.

Molecular Seal                  Supply & fabricate new Molecular seal to replace damaged

fabrication                         existing one

June 2020

Roma East                         Supply, fabricate & assemble pipework for skid & off skid


Compression Station

July 2018

Degasser Tank                  Design, supply, fabricate with internal & external coating

February 2018

Refractory Lined Pipe     Fabrication of DN600 pipe spools that were refractory lined.

December 2016

Painting of tank              Painting of plate & structural steel.

steel work

June 2017

Crude & DHTU Diesel     Fabrication of interconnecting pipework.

import feed

December 2016

Fuel Gas Skids                   Fabricate & assemble 250 fuel gas skids.


November 2016

CMEI Works for APA         Fabricate RBP pressure management CMEI works.


November 2016

Bypass Spooling                 Fabrication of pipework & structural steel for APA Moomba.

July 2016

Santos Risers                        Fabrication of over 950 spools for the Roma 2B Project.


August 2015

Degasser Skids

Fabrication of 5 degasser skids for Santos.

November 2014

Capacity Upgrade

Supply 8 sets of capacity upgrade skids & offskid piping for Santos.

October 2014

Desalter Vessel

Modifications to Desalter Vessel 1C14 for Caltex.

August 2013

Caltex Alky Skids

November 2011

Alky feed dryer & module construction for Caltex Lytton Refinery.

CSG Wellhead Skids

May 2010

The Santos CSG Wellhead Skid Package project consisted of 160 CSG Wellhead skid packages for the upstream component of the Surat/Bowen basin in eastern Queensland.

Blackport Townsville

Supply, fabrication & site installation for the BP Blackport Townsville Bitumen Import Facility

April 2010

Stage 2 of the Yarwun Alumina Refinery

January 2009

The Yarwun 2 project was a A$2.1-billion brownfield expansion of the Yarwun alumina refinery located in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.

For a brief description of some of our major jobs prior to 2009, please click here.

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