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Desalter Vessel for Caltex

Off-site modifications to Caltex Desalter Vessel 1C14 – August 2013

Value: $ 140,000.00


The following scope of work was carried out:


  • Transport 4mtr diameter x 10mtr long x 50mm thick x 50 tonne vessel from Caltex Lytton Refinery to IIM Hemmant Workshop.

  • Install three new DN250 nozzles and compensation plates to vessel shell.

  • Install new internal DN250 nozzle.

  • Installation of internal support brackets and clips for outlet header, mudwash header, effluent header and inlet distributer.

  • Installation of 16 compensation plates for new transformer support brackets.

  • Installation of transformer brackets.

  • Installation of 4 compensation plates for platform support brackets.

  • Erect furnace around vessel for post weld heat treatment.

  • Sandblasting and painting to Caltex System 20.

  • Transport Vessel back to Caltex Lytton Refinery.

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