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Our Methodology

IIM is a leading supplier of mechanical pipe spooling, pressure vessels, structural steel fabrication, industrial protective coatings and site installations in the resources and industrial infrastructure industries.  The primary objective of IIM is to enhance customers value.

The Company aims to achieve this by:

  • Satisfying the needs of our customers through the delivery of competitive products and services.

  • Ensuring quality through full compliance to manufacturing standards and provisions.

  • Enhancing customer value by taking a professional approach to value added services.

  • Providing a safe work environment through the observance of best practice safety standards.

  • Providing a fulfilling work environment, rewarding good performance and offering secure employment.

  • Contributing to the prosperity of all stakeholders by promoting efficiency and an awareness of our responsibilities.

  • Giving full consideration to our wider social, environmental and economic impacts; and

  • Acting with professionalism, integrity and honesty in all our dealings.

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