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IIM was founded in 1974 servicing primarily the BP Bulwer Island Refinery (formerly Amoco Refinery), Incitec Pivot and Ampol Lytton Refinery as mechanical contractors, fast developing sound relationships with key engineers and operators. As IIM established itself as a reputable and dependable company, we sought to expand our operations and purchased land in Hemmant where we constructed our extensive workshop facility. Prior to the completion of this facility IIM was approached by the Bechtel Corporation seeking expressions of interest for the Kutubu Project in Papua New Guinea. IIM was able to deliver this project ahead of schedule, exceeding industry standards of quality and delivery timeframes.  This was to become an IIM benchmark and overtime has developed into the Vision Statement.


Other significant milestones in our history were the completion of the Comalco Alumina Refinery project in 2004 which lead to the development of our semiautomatic welding process. This process has enabled us to adhere to our renowned quality guidelines while continuing to deliver exceptional value to our customers. In 2008 IIM successfully tendered for Stage 2 of the Rio Tinto Alumina Refinery (formerly Comalco Alumina Refinery) expansion project.


IIM has continued to enjoy sustained growth and prosperity since its foundation and we look forward to a continuation of our high-quality standards in servicing the requirements of the resources and industrial infrastructure industries.


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